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Flight technology

Mojhans system

Magnetically Originated Joint Habitation
and Nutrition Systems (Mojhans)

For future passengers in the spacecraft that use our magnetic and gravitational systems there will be no need for outdated weightlessness training, which has become the hallmark of the space technology of today, just because the nations presently developing space travel did not and do not understand how gravity is created. Why should other nations follow the same path because of past lack of knowledge?

Since the operation of these new systems is exactly similar to the operation of planet Earth, they create gravitational force fields that are similar to conditions on Earth. Thus in these new craft one will travel as in the jetliners of today. One does not need to teach people how to walk on board a jetliner or on the Earth, and they will have no problem walking with the new gravitational technology we have developed.



Our new space technology is based on understanding how to create gravitational and magnetic fields similar to Earth’s magnetic fields. We use gravitational and magnetic force fields to obtain lift and motion, the same forces that keep Earth moving through the solar system. No one has seen wings or jet engines on planet Earth, but it has been in motion for billions of years around its axis and in its solar orbit.


Flight technology

With this technology we give the reader an insight into the use of the gravitational positioning systems and their use in the flight and space technology of the future.

Motion and lift is created by gravitational positioning and the technology behind the development of these reactors is based on a new understanding of the laws of physics. The concept of creating gravity and Magravs (or so-called anti-gravity) with these reactors is founded on a new understanding of the atomic structure of matter and of the cooperation and interaction of its magnetic fields with each other.

For the development of these new reactors, the principle of the behavior of gases and liquids in the central cores of the planet has been studied and catalogued in detail over the past decades by the Foundation. These are important factors in the development of any energy and motion system that has to be portable and light, but at the same time flexible, powerful and functional for it to be used in the space technology of the future. Such a technology has to produce power, gravity, magnetic shielding and systems for medical use in future space programs.