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Important announcement by the Keshe Foundation

Signing of the world peace treaty and World peace conference


The Keshe Foundation made a promise that it would release a request and information on its forum today about the next step in the release of its technologies for bringing peace and equality for Mankind.

The following four PDF documents below in this link are important and need to be understood individually and then collectively as one unified paper.

We have not suggested a place and/or venue in our invitation letter for the peace conference, as we thought that mankind’s choice would be the most appropriate.

This peace conference can be held in Tehran, UN offices in New York, Beijing, Moscow or any another place on earth in a location that is acceptable to all.

The point is not the venue, but to achieve world peace for Mankind.

The date of 21.1.2013 for release of these documents is chosen for its importance and now mankind has 60 days until 21 March 2013 ( see the PDF letters) to set the scene to achieve what his forefathers could not do for thousands of years, by signing himself into accepting peace in its true sense individually and collectively.

As a race man now has the technology in hand to enforce world peace and man collectively has the determination to achieve it.

To be able to achieve world peace and see the process through, the Keshe Foundation is moving its headquarters to a new location and out of its present prison of Belgium, which has been enforced on it by international political pressure for the past nine years.

The Foundation will soon announce where it will make its new home so that we can see this treaty through safely.

In this way all political restrictions and press restriction on the Keshe Foundation will be removed and we will collaborate with all citizens of the world to make sure that the world peace treaty day can be realised.

Please collaborate with the Foundation and let today be the day when man starts a new chapter for humanity. Our goal is for every man on this planet to accept and sign themselves into the world peace treaty with their deeds, their hearts, their soul and in their words.

The Foundation calls upon world citizens to do what they have done in the last twelve months and as individuals to become a MESSENGER OF PEACE for your home, city, nation and mankind, and take the messages in these four letters to all world leaders, world ambassadors, mayors, religious leaders, your neighbour, brothers and sisters.

This can be achieved by putting these four letters out everywhere, be it on the net, media, social media, home, work place, palaces and parliaments, and by encouraging your governments, leaders of communities and individuals to sign the treaty and to organise and attend peace conferences organised by you and your nation.

Please do with this message as you did with encouraging your governments to accept the spaceship technology USB key.

I thank you for your support and hope we can achieve together in the near future what has eluded mankind from the beginning of time.

It is time to start a new chapter in the life of man on earth, where peace and serving humanity becomes the centre and focal point of every man and not the false materialistic life of today which has brought about so much misery for man from his inception on this planet.

I cannot imagine that any true man of peace or world leader will refuse to sign and to act upon what he has committed his nation, his faith and himself to by signing this treaty.

PDF An Insight into the Future of Man on Earth


PDF The Status of Scientists

PDF Signing of the World Peace Treaty and World Peace Conference

M T Keshe

The Founder of the Keshe Foundation

Nuclear Ir. Mehran Tavakoli KESHE

Born in Iran in 1958, son of an X-ray engineer, he was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age.



The foundation accepts donations, to support research and volunteers applications.

The bank details of the Foundation and its registered address.

You can donate via a bank account
The account name: Stichting The Keshe Foundation

The bank: ABN AMRO
A/c number: 48 63 67 169
IBAN NL66 ABNA 0486 3671 69

Beneficiary: Stichting The Keshe Foundation
Registered office: Jubileumplein 3, NL-6161SR Geleen
The Netherlands.

The company registered number or KvK: 14089728, Netherlands

Donate to the Keshe Foundation via Paypal. Thank you!

The Keshe Foundation structure

The sole director of the Foundation is
Ir. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe,
the founder


The Belgian-Netherlands people of the Keshe Foundation in EindhovenThe Belgian-Netherlands people of the Keshe Foundation in Eindhoven

The Keshe Foundation consists of people from all over the world, trying to implement world peace by bringing new technology to mankind. You can be part of the foundation too !



  • * Ir. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is not an employee of any other company and is not under contract to any commercial organization or government.

  • * The Foundation is not owned by, has no links to, is not dependent on and is not a subsidiary of any commercial organization or company. No exclusive representation(s) or exclusivities have been granted to any third parties to promote Keshe technologies.

  • * No ownership of intellectual rights is transferred to third parties.

  • * Third parties cannot represent, bind or sign for Stichting the Keshe Foundation or for Keshe Technologies.

  • * Only licenses, NDA's, MOU's, pre-agreements or agreements duly signed in person by M.T. Keshe, the Director of Stichting the Keshe Foundation, are valid.

  • * Agreements or documents signed by other persons are to be considered void and not legally binding.
  • No negotiations will be handled by intermediaries or third party agencies.

  • * All questions about the intellectual rights, grant of licenses, validity of documents or any other legal aspects related to the Keshe Foundation and Keshe Technologies must be sent to info@keshefoundation.com, and not to any other email address.



In this long and exclusive interview, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe explains how the Keshe Foundation is build up, what the goal is and how the technology is deployed.

The Keshe Foundation and its Objectives

The Keshe Foundation (registered in The Netherlands) is a non-profit organization. It is the holder of all intellectual rights of M.T. Keshe relating to his technology. The main objective of this Foundation is to share the benefits from all aspects of its technologies in five different areas related to mankind’s welfare and world education.

The Keshe Foundation’s targets are to solve the main world problems of today:

  • Global warming / CO2 problem (achieved)
  • The energy shortage (achieved)
  • Water problems (achieved)
  • Food problems (mostly achieved)

One objective of the Keshe Foundation is to supply plasma reactors in "Oasis Units", which will deliver an integrated solution for basic human needs such as drinking water, power supply, light and warmth. Today 1.6 billion people have no electricity and every day 4,000 children in Southern Africa die from contaminated water.

At the same time the Foundation is primarily involved in making travel in deep space a reality within the next few years and bringing it within the reach of everyone. In this domain manmade propulsion technology has become a thing of the past.


How can you help?

Walk down our action path in simple steps!

As you know the Foundation is non-profit and is not looking for any type of commercial promotion. So if you feel like doing something to help the Foundation reach its goals of solving the world's most urgent problems, we suggest you follow the steps of our ACTION PATH described below. It starts with very simple but important steps that won't take too much of your time and it continues with ways of getting more involved.


Step 1: SPREAD the word (2-3 minutes)


The opening of the Keshe Foundation Center in Belgium

Kf Centre NinoveKf Centre NinoveWe are proud to announce the opening of the Keshe Foundation Center in Belgium.


As of 2 March 2012, the Keshe Foundation has a new and permanent base in Belgium.
The address:
Ring Oost 14, 9400 Ninove, East-Flanders, Belgium

The auditorium at the Center can seat about 100 people. The Foundation will do its utmost to hold two sessions per month here, which can be booked via our events link.


Visits to the Kf Center in Ninove

The Kf Center is only open on Mondays
by appointment
or when there is a lecture organised.



The world peace treaty lecture and presentation

The world peace treaty lecture and presentation


The official world peace treaty conference with M T Keshe as one of the speakers will be held in Brescia, Italy on Sunday the 21.4.2013.


The program is an open signing day starting from 2 pm until 9 pm.


You can walk in and sign your peace treaty or just to be around to meet others.


The World peace treaty talk will be given by M T Keshe at 5 pm at the conference hall of the hotel.


There are limited seats available and the reservation to attend the talks from the website of the Foundation.




The cost for reservation to attend the talk 20 euros.


The venue:

Via Mazzini, 14
25086 Rezzato (BS)
Tel. +39 0302793223
Fax +39 0302594111
Web site: www.villafenaroli.it
Villa Fenaroli è anche su facebook: www.facebook.com/villafenarolipalacehotel


For accommodation reservation at the hotel use the reference WPT discount arrangement.

Vista leone 2Vista leone 2

Mehran Keshe will be in Varna city

Mehran Keshe will be in Varna city, Bulgaria on 3-5 may 2013. He will speak for space technologies and healthcare.

anons newanons new

Interviews with Keshe and Meyl following the September 21st lecture

From Pesn.com:

Interviews with Keshe and Meyl following today's lecture

Pre-ordered 5kW generators expected to be available in December. Also, a demo of the gravity-modification technology is scheduled for Dec. 14. Three U.S. astronauts from Moon missions are expected to attend.